Lionscrest Manor Lyons Colorado Wedding Photographer

July 13, 2020

We are so honored to capture and share some of the photos from this recent July 3rd, 2020 wedding.  Camilla and Sam’s wedding was full of love and celebration!

Lionscrest Manor (Lionscrest Manor) in Lyons, Colorado was such an amazing wedding venue and it wonderfully marries the beautiful Colorado mountain landscape with a modern, well-managed venue.

In her own words:   “We both attended Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. Our first time meeting was actually in April of our senior year of high school. We were a part of Thrive, a Freshman leadership class at the college. Because of this, we had the opportunity to register for classes early. We made a big circle and were told to lock eyes with someone across from you in the circle, and sure enough we locked eyes. We each shared a couple minutes worth of information about ourselves. After, we were partnered up to figure out our class schedule since we were both interested in the Biology/Chemistry fields. Camilla had to purposely adjust her schedule so it was not the exact same as Sam’s because she thought that would be a little creepy of her. Camilla went home and told her parents that she would probably date Sam at some point in her college years. Sam went home and tried to look Camilla up on Instagram, but sadly could not remember her last name (he forgot Lee, but not Camilla??). They were friends for their first semester. Towards the end, they studied together for their finals and quickly found out how weird and perfect they were for each other. They talked throughout Christmas break and then started spending a lot of time together throughout January. Sam made it official on February 12th and the rest is now history!”

  • Floral: Reale Events
  • Food: Greens Point Catering
  • Cake: Colorado Rose Cake Company
  • DJ: Pure Sound
  • Venue: Lionscrest manor
  • Video: Garrity Productions

Oh my gosh- spectacular! Every bit of it!

There is beauty and love everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂