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Warwick Adventures


    Troy Warwick

    Photographer - Videographer

    I want your photos and films to tell a story but beyond that, I desire to create meaningful art, not just trendy. This means working hard to create beautiful moments and never settling for anything ordinary. With your trust, I will work extremely hard to bring you something beautiful and meaningful.

    I am the owner/operator of Warwick Adventures based in Longmont, Colorado.  I’m in love with God and this beautiful earth that He created for us to explore, enjoy, and take care of together.  I enjoy the creative side of capturing with a camera and having the opportunity to work with people like you to create something memorable.

    • I’m an easy-going person who likes to figure new things out and stay determined until I get it done.
    • I love people!  Meeting new people and learning about their life is something I find very fascinating.  Discovering their story and what brings people together is part of the adventure of life.
    • I love playing and creating music on my guitar, piano and other stringed instruments.

    Our Passion

    We’ve always loved the beauty of God’s creation & we make an effort to put our lives in its way – allowing it to enrich us, reboot us, reconnect us, & fill us up – drawing us closer. We crave simplicity & peace – free from the noise, busyness, materialism, & expectations of our culture.