The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn Wedding / A Deeper Love / Katie & Ben

Kate says: “I know that life washes over us like the waves in the ocean, some days will be calm and captivating, while others may be rough from the storm. But know this, my love for you goes deeper than the deepest parts of the ocean, and if there is a storm, I want to dance in the rain with you.” Ben says: “When we met, I had no idea how quickly my life would change, and here we are ready to make the ultimate commitment with you”. Ben and I met through our officiant and my bridesmaid during the pandemic, I went to their house and Ben came over after a couple times and we all started talking. He also had his puppy and I had my two dogs. When we both left my friends asked us both if we wanted to come over to grill outside since we couldn’t go anywhere and we did, after dinner he asked for my number and we had many backyard patio dates at my house until outdoor seating opened and we went on our first real date and the rest is history.

Photography & Videography: @Warwickadventures
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