July 27, 2019

Sapphire Point Overlook Wedding // Jay and Mindy

I had to find myself before I could find you, and now I’m ready. Today I marry you. I marry you without hesitation or doubt. This commitment is absolute and eternal. I want to make your heart my home forever.“ (Sapphire Overlook Wedding)”

The beauty of this couple, their love for each other that they expressed in their vows was only magnified with the beauty of this wonderful outdoor location. Sapphire Point Overlook Wedding in Dillon, Colorado created an incredible backdrop for Jay and Mindy and their loved ones as they committed themselves to marriage. As referenced by Jay’s father, even the resident squirrels couldn’t help themselves from engaging with Jay and Mindy during the ceremony!

Thank you so much! You picked such great moments to feature and captured the joy of the day so well! What a gift for us to be able to share the moments with folks who were not physically present!  – Jay & Mindy (Bride & Groom)

Photography & Videography: Warwick Adventures
Wedding Planner: Erica Sarell Weddings
Florist: ESW Florals
Musicians: Alex & Amber Felgenhauer
Officiant: Lindsey Osborne
Hair Stylist: Weemala Hair
Cake: Butterhorn Bakery
Catering: Food Hedz
Bridal gown: Allure Bridals