Senior Photos for Hudson

Hudson is one of the most personable, friendly, and fun teenagers you'll ever meet. I've got to watch this friend grow up as a part of our church community and family. He will be headed off to college later this year and will no doubt excel in whatever he sets his heart to.

On the trail first-aid staples: tried & tested

TRIPS & FALLS Bactine First-Aid Anti-septic/Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray (No Sting). Great for quick relief when the little ones fall & scrape their knees & need some immediate soothing. Band-Aids Various sizes of Band-Aids, Band-Aid Waterproof Tape & Gauze for cleaning injuries & for taping gauze over bigger scrapes & cuts Melaleuca's Triple antibiotic gel [...]

Our Love Story: The Wedding

And so, following after my last post, Troy proposed to me in November of 1998 one month before I graduated from CFNI in Texas and returned home to Zimbabwe for 6 months to prepare for our wedding. Troy had graduated a year earlier and waited for me to graduate and leave before he left Texas […]