Wedding Couple Tips/Reminders – Videography

As we approach your wedding day, I wanted to go over a few tips that will greatly help me in capturing your story! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email, call or text me!

LETTERS: I always love it when couples write letters to each other on the wedding day. If you choose to write letters, we need to set aside a few minutes in a quiet place for me to record audio of you reading the letter you wrote. This personal addition to your video, and hearing from both of you adds depth to the story. We can also include video footage of each of you reading your respective card to show while we hear them!

ROMANTIC SESSION: Be sure to include a good amount of time for photos/video of just the two of you. This is your day and your story, so the more time we have to capture beautiful shots of you two interacting, the better! This is where I can SHOW the personal connection between you.

OFFICIANT: Please make sure “you may be seated” is written into your ceremony. It’s not uncommon for the officiant to forget to tell everyone that they can be seated. Not only do the standing guests eventually get uncomfortable, but the video footage of you in the front is more visually obstructed.

PERSONAL VOWS: I always love personal vows, but even if you choose traditional vows, make sure when you’re saying them during the ceremony that you project your voice and stand close to each other. I will have a microphone on the groom and/or the officiant to capture audio from both of you.

TOASTS/SPEECHES: Again this is another thing that can add a lot to your film. I encourage you to have a few toasts during the reception from people who are close to you and know you both well. This will help greatly in telling your story.  It is a very good idea to give these people an idea of how long you’d like them to speak.  5 minutes can go a long way!

I am sure you’re very excited about your wedding! I cannot wait to film it and I hope these tips are helpful as well!

Talk to you soon!