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    Post Wedding Add On Order Form

    Your wedding footage had so many great moments and I wanted to give you the opportunity to order more of those moments from your day.

    For reference, here is what our wedding videography packages contain and what you can expect:
    The Timber: Highlight Film
    The Aspen: Extended Highlight Film
    The Forest: Highlight Film, Ceremony and Speeches presentation Film

      Expedited Edit (jump to the front) - $400Ceremony Edit - $400Speeches/Dance Edit - $400Raw Footage (keeping your memories) - $400Combination Deal for all 3 - Raw, Ceremony, Speech/Dance -$1000Teaser Trailer - $300Custom Video Album - $300Branded USB Thumb Drive - $100

      What exactly is RAW footage? Raw footage is not a finished product ready for sharing. It is un-edited, non color corrected, on-camera microphone audio, footage.

      Why you should acquire it? There are many moments in the day that are captured but just didn’t make it into the creative edit. We do not store wedding footage indefinitely and it will be deleted eventually.

      It is a physical copy of your wedding film in the palm of your hands. You simply flip it open and it starts playing your film.  Each order will arrive at your door with your films pre-loaded and ready to enjoy.

      Your Custom Video Album is an elegant way to play and show off your incredible wedding film(s) to your loved one.  Not only does it make a perfect gift for parents but it is a wonderful heirloom for the coffee table in your home.

      How long does the battery last?
      The battery lasts about for about 2 hours of continuous play. It can last for 6+ months on your shelf until it needs to be recharged.

      How does it charge?
      It charges with a standard micro usb cable which is supplied with each purchase.

      Once your order is submitted, we will follow up with you over email to confirm and also provide payment information.