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What is an Elopement Wedding?

An elopement is an intimate experience between two best friends choosing to make their day solely about them!
A unique and completely customizable experience for madly in love couples who want their wedding day just about them celebrating their love. They seek an intimate, unforgettable, and emotional adventure that fits them perfectly and makes a memorable story to their grandchildren.


Although we hope Micro Weddings are something we’ll have to deal with only temporarily, we’ve grown to really love the intimacy of the events. Whether it’s on a beach, in a backyard, at a restaurant, or a venue, we can be there with you and document the beauty that comes with a smaller event.  If you’re thinking about moving forward with your wedding, please reach out – we’d love to be part of it!

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    Elopement Prices start at $1,800


    At it’s core, a wedding is a declaration of love and commitment between two people which culminates at the ceremony when they are promised to each other forever. With the guest list limited, the ceremonies we’ve been part of have been incredibly intimate and emotional. Just a few people standing or sitting in a close circle watching and witnessing this special moment. Most of our couples have also opted to write their own vows which really adds to the moment.


    Most of the costs associated with a wedding are due to the cost per plate to feed a large number of guests. With the guest list limited, you’ll have money to allocate towards things like hiring a videographer (something couples unfortunately usually put last on their budget), get your favorite chef to create a custom dinner menu, or rent out a really amazing AirBnB to host your event

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