Styled Shoot // Nick + Rebecca

Nick and Rebecca were very recently married and contacted me to do a styled shoot in their wedding attire. Having just moved to Colorado from Minnesota, it was nice to chat with them about my old home state.  Here’s to new adventures together!

“Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it. Others, find it in a person.” Beau Taplin

Patriotic Country Wedding – Ari & Charlie

Ariana & Charlie // Berthoud, Colorado

It was a pleasure shooting this patriotic country-themed wedding for Ariana and Charlie. There was a strong sense of home and family, God and country throughout the beautiful summer day. Charlie in his Dress Blues made for a proud and dignified groom. Ariana was everything soft and lovely.

What God has joined together, let no man separate.
Mark 10:9

Seth & Breanna // Newlywed Session

Flagstaff Mtn. It's been fun capturing special moments with this couple from Seth's proposal and their engagement to their wedding, and now this newlywed session. The forest fires in the southwest gave the mountains & setting sun an ethereal beauty that evening, creating a hue of haze & shadows. Just lovely for this newlywed shoot.

Independence Day and UFO’s

July 4th in the good ‘ol US of A is always a special time with family and a time to be especially proud to be an American. However for photographers, it is also another time to practice and attempt to capture something memorable. This year, my wife and I spent a mostly quiet day together while our children were out of state with their grandparents. We decided to make a fireworks picnic-date out of the evening as time alone can be a rare thing when you have 3 kids.

What was important wasn’t the fireworks, it was that we were together this evening, together in this place, looking up into the sky at the same time.
Banana Yoshimoto

We headed to Mt. Senitas trailhead in Boulder and set out to find a nice calm place to spend the evening. We settled on a side trail that had enough elevation over the city to provide a good composition for the fireworks display. As the evening light faded, we were soon joined by about 3 other groups of friends who also enjoyed the view over the city.

At around 9:43pm we all noticed some strange patterns of lights in the far horizon over the Thornton area. Of course, whenever something strange is in the sky at night, the first instinct out of our mouths is that it’s UFOs. It’s always fun to default our conversations to the least likely, but most mysterious conclusion. The lights slowly descended to the ground and disappeared. My thoughts were that some friends decided to pull a prank this night and fly a bunch of drones with LED lights on them to stir up some UFO talk and hopefully get on the news. Well, they did get on the news, but it wasn’t a bunch of friends trying to pull a prank. It turned out to be a team of Skydivers with fireworks attached to their feet. Story Link

I was taking a time-lapse at the time and did end up capturing these skydivers all the way from Boulder. You can see it around 17 second point in my video below. Look on the left horizon for the light streaks. They are light streaks on my video because I was taking long exposures.

Seth & BreAnna Highlight Film

Photography Highlight Film // Estes Park

Seth and BreAnna’s winter wedding in Estes Park was picture perfect. Gorgeous setting, incredible people, and a beautiful union of two young best friends. It was such an honor to photograph a wedding of a person who I consider a close friend. Congratulations Seth and BreAnna!

Jason & Marina Engagement Shoot

Jason and Marina were such a fun and enjoyable couple to be around!  We decided to shoot at one of the most iconic locations in Northern Colorado – Chautauqua Park in Boulder for its pristine flatirons backdrop that we’ve all grown to love.  They easily warmed up to the camera and provided lots of fun and authentic smiles.  Many blessings to you Jason and Marina and to your future together!

Edited in Adobe Lightroom //  Tribe Archipelago // LXC + Tweaks

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Senior Photos for Hudson

Hudson is one of the most personable, friendly, and fun teenagers you’ll ever meet. I’ve got to watch this friend grow up as a part of our church community and family. He will be headed off to college later this year and will no doubt excel in whatever he sets his heart to.