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Just as you want to find the right vendor to work with, we also want to find the right couples. In any relationship, it’s important to be open and honest when communicating who we are and what we want. If we know where we’re starting from, the path to success is much clearer. Let’s get started.

Troy Warwick

Photographer - Cinematographer

I am the owner/operator of Warwick Adventures based in Longmont, Colorado. I’m in love with God and this beautiful earth that He created for us to explore, enjoy, and take care of together. I enjoy the creative side of capturing with a camera and having the opportunity to work with people like you to create something memorable.

  • I’m very easy-going by nature but quietly confident in my abilities.
  • I’m a night owl, it’s my time to get things done (editing) or be out capturing the night sky.
  • I like to figure things out and stay determined until I get it done.
  • I love people!  Meeting new people and learning about their life is something I find very fascinating.  Discovering their story and what brings people together is part of the adventure of life.
  • I love playing and creating music. I teach guitar, piano and bass, and fiddle with many other stringed instruments.

I want your photos to tell a story but beyond that, I desire to create meaningful photos, not trendy photos. This means working hard to create the perfect photograph or moment and never settling for anything less. With your trust, I will work extremely hard to bring you something beautiful and meaningful.

Our Process

We believe strongly in personal connections and while email is quick and efficient, choosing the right storytellers to document the most important day of your life should be anything but that. We’ll schedule a call and start the dialogue. If we can get you into our office – even better! We’ll review some work, look at albums, and hopefully lock in your date.

We’ll work closely with you and/or your planner to develop the best schedule of photography/cinematography for your day. Once you’re an WA couple, you’ll also get access to our exclusive WA Experience section of our website with pages of helpful tips, sample timelines, and best practices to have the best chance of a stress-free day.  These are invaluable resources at your disposal!

A huge part of the WA Experience is to go through an Engagement Session with your photographer. This is vital to building a rapport with your photographer and getting the best images on the wedding day. Since no two people photograph the same, your photographer will learn what works for you and your partner. After the session we’ll critique the work together and make notes on what to avoid to maximize our time on the wedding day.

The day of the wedding should be smooth sailing thanks to all the pre-planning we’ve done together. Just enjoy the day and leave the hard stuff to us.

We know how excited you’ll be after the wedding, which is why it’s our goal to get you your photographs and film back in a timely manner. One thing we will never compromise on though, is quality. Even if it means taking a little bit longer to make everything perfect. After everything is delivered, we’ll start the album design process – something we encourage all our clients to add to their package. Your future generations will thank you.

Why Choose Warwick Adventures?

It’s hard to talk about ourselves so we’ll let others do our dirty work.


Warwick Adventures
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We love the outdoors & its epic scenery is a huge inspiration for us. Capturing beauty & moments in life's story is something we love doing & sharing.

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