Seth & BreAnna’s Engagement at Eldorado Springs // Warwick Adventures

Seth and BreAnna are getting married!

Being able to share a special time and to help create beautiful memories for this couple was a privilege and also a serious responsibility as a photographer. BreAnna wanted to have a fall-colored theme since it’s October, so I planned a trip to South Mesa Trail near Eldorado Springs for our location shoot. At the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this trail is a favorite for photographers wanting to capture the sweeping vistas, mountainous background, & colorful foliage. We were happy that the gloomy weather cleared up, giving us a window of opportunity as we prepared for our scheduled shoot. The sun peered out from behind a thick cloud only about 30 minutes before it set behind the nearby mountains, but we were able to take advantage of that time and capture some great shots during the Golden Hour.

We wish Seth and BreAnna a happy and blessed future as they prepare to begin their life together!